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Welcome to my home on the web, and thank you for visiting! I'd like to express my profound thanks to bkMarcus and for hosting me, and pk for all his help with the site, and his patience. As time allows, I will be expanding this site to include other published and unpublished work. Please visit again; updates may be sporadic but growth happens in spurts.

My webmistressing skills are currently "under construction," so please forgive the occasional glitch or missing link as I get familiar with the territory.

As the site evolves, this page will become a more personal repository of pictures, graphics, ideas, and stray thoughts.

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*New* - Please choose your subject line carefully, unless I know you - anything that looks like spam I delete without opening. I am truly sorry if that habit has caused me to miss any e-mail from readers!

It is always (well, almost always!) a great pleasure to hear from readers, and I value your comments and criticisms, and even thoughtful content suggestions as I develop this website.

Time is oppressively taxed by personal, economic and bureaucratic demands these days. I appreciate hearing from you, and do my best to respond to mail promptly, but it's not always possible. My columns are here for visitors to explore, consider, reject or enjoy. When I read the work of another writer, I consider myself a guest in his or her thoughts, whether I agree or disagree with a given point of view.

Plenty of people may enjoy heated exchanges; I do not. Please be brief and polite if you'd like a response. Writing time is sparse enough without agonizing over responses to lengthy, argumentative, or cryptic messages! I'm the foremost expert on my own opinion, and that's as much claim to (or use for) expertise as I can muster.

Thank you for dropping in; visit again soon!

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