We Are the Creator

We all create,
We all destroy.
We endure,
We enjoy.
We live,
We die.
We laugh,
We cry.
We love,
We lose.
We accept,
We choose.
We smile,
We frown.
We swim,
We drown.
We confess,
We withhold.
We sigh,
We scold.
We birth,
We kill.
We sip,
We swill.
We believe,
We doubt.
We whisper,
We shout.
We kiss,
We bite.
We play,
We fight.
We bend,
We break.
We earn,
We take.
We argue,
We agree.
We celebrate,
We grieve.
We spend,
We save.
We work,
We slave.
We dream,
We wake.
We buy,
We make.
We hurt,
We heal.
We hold,
We deal.
We reap,
We sow.
We catch,
We throw.
We coerce,
We request.
We squander,
We invest.
We listen,
We ignore.
We ponder,
We explore.
We condemn,
We respect.
We tolerate,
We object.
We practice,
We preach.
We learn,
We teach.
We please,
We offend.
We attack,
We defend.
We alienate,
We befriend.
We judge,
We suspend.
We discuss,
We consider.
We promise,
We deliver.
We seek,
We discover.
We grow,
We wither.
We are,
We aren't.
You are,
I am.
Who are we?

(Author's note: Tom Ender wished me to compose a summary of "We Are the Creator," so here it is…)

Does a person create his own reality? We each have a hand in creating realities for other people, and other people's hands are all over our realities - we do not create reality in a vacuum. If God exists, He lets us be to freely create our own realities and invite Him into them as we choose (or not). Creator, create thyself - and mind thy own reality!

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