From an email, Catfarmer to pk, 07/24/2003:

In the beginning: Man happens. Unrefined, unadorned, unsocialized, unconscious of sin. Eventually, man discovers that psychic castration enables him to live a softer life within community. From then onward, he erects prolific monuments to his sacrificed psychic member: obelisks, towers, spires, skyscrapers as places (or objects) of worship and symbols of community. He institutes ritual to honor his sacrifice, going so far as to impose it on the community at large; ritually circumsizing children's procreational proclivities with great pomp (and currently much expense via "education"). He holds the female accountable for the sacrifice he's made on behalf of community, and the female has spent her aeons trying to recover man's lost member so he can rise up again, and the benighted human species can finally give birth to the divine.

(Afterthought ... it's funny, I never really grokked the whole Osiris myth until just now - at least I don't think so - but now it makes a great deal of sense. One more thought - the less time man spends in physical procreation, or "going forth and multiplying," the more he needs to be prevented from exercising his mental virility, lest he become a danger to the community ...)