Cat's Later Poetry


I will use my voice
to feed the hungry
I will use my voice
to clothe the naked

I will use my voice
No, not to accuse
but confront the guilty
to turn their hearts

To turn their hearts
to shake their heads
to rattle their brains
to drive them crazy

Until they are as
Yes, as sane as me
Wellspring of guilt and
burning lake of agony

Bottomless well of need
Ancient infant wisdom
Blood cries from the earth
Birth: Death: and Rebirth


Shattering, I am shattering
Like crystal dashed against cement

There's a kamikaze ray of light a-splintering
Cutting open the voracious darkness inside me
A fission of crackling absolutes melting down

Stretched cruelly between heaven and hell
Taut as a wire, loose as a lightning streak

Fiery angels flit through my fevered brain
Dancing (delightedly) with dashing devils
And speaking insanely in tongues of flame

A blizzard of wizards with familiar lizards
Touches down with a whirl like a dervish

Delirious, I grope for walls in the darkness
Never expecting the walls to grope me back
The walls take me prisoner yet liberate me

I am become a legion of solitary soldiers;
A host of heavenly homeless and hungry

Fragments of blazing passion scatter like sparks
Igniting a firestorm that may burn for millennia
And torch the mad castles built of blood and fear

Dancing, I am madly dancing, like Shiva dances
Flickering; a sputtering flame in a howling wind

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