Cat's Old Poetry

Hey, I was a teen-ager when I wrote these;
some folks might tell you I still am.
They're probably right.
You got a problem with that, mister?

A Tear Engraved

Beloved, come hither
if thou would see
A tear engraved
with a portrait of thee

The final tear
whose fatal fall
Betrays love lost
or not had at all

A spirit's token
anguished heart's plea
Love's silence, spoken
echoes forth endlessly

The tear is gone
it quickly warmed and dried
On a rosier blush:
New love o'er which I never cried

Poem for H. D.

Yes, I still love you
But what can I say
I know you, Ryder
Iím a rainy day
I will never be told
To go away
And come again
Another day.
Please donít expect me
To stoically stay
My stormy skies have
Turned to a darker gray
Iíve got to head on,
Doesnít matter which way
To the promise of tomorrow
And the memory of today

Stocking shelves

If I lose my mind
In this place
Will anybody
Find my face
In a box
On a shelf
Crushed or broken
Or just forgotten

If Iím here another week
Will I remember
How to speak
And if Iím here another year
Will I cry another tear
And if I never
Drift away
How much longer
Will I stay?

Married To Matter

Sometimes it does seem strange to me
This shadow of mine wonít let me be
It follows wherever I go to have fun
And drags me away Ďere the showís begun.

It sure requires some nasty things,
Cigarettes? And the shit it drinks!
I must admit that Iím appalled.
My shadow seems not to care at all.

It holds me still while I would roam
Through ancient fields, a land unknown
Or perhaps a stroll, out past the moon
To catch a timeless, universal tune.

Upon itself it brings misfortune and pain
Then seeks my aid, screaming ďexplain!Ē
How can I tell a shadow its life is illusion
Attracting other shadows of its own creation?

How I long for home, a land unknown
But Ďtil this shadowís been outgrown
Itís here I am and here Iíll stay
Teaching my shadow to live the right way.

Illuminating Disillusionment

At times I think
This damn world
Is trying to drive me crazy
I do my work
Not their way, my way;
And yet they think Iím lazy!
A saint Iím not,
Or a soul to be bought,
I guess God forgot
Whateíre the world sought
When He created me:
He gave me individuality
& bade me think differently
saying, ďSee this world gloriously!Ē
My two eyes
Mislead me not
Unity unfolds in twain
A half perceived
Becomes a whole
Inside a limited brain
And now I see:
ĎTis not me, but
this blessed world thatís stark insane.

Happiness Is A Warm God

God sits inside of me on rainy days
I keep him warm and dry
And Heís pretty special company
He even gets me high!

When twilight gives its tricky light
Phaetonís chariot out-of-sight
The sun inside, still burning bright
Illumines phantoms of the night!

No vain specters, these dwell within
That awe the dull, afright the bent
Ignite the minds of brilliant men
Unveil the shining unapparent!

Behold Diana, splendírous fair,
Unknown, untouched, but how loved!
Zeus upon the emperorís chair,
Look not for him, look everywhere!

People Think

People think I think Iím god
Iíve heard it said before
They laugh to think
A girl divine
But it was their idea,
Not mine
All Iíve done was plant my rod
And aim it straight for heavenís door
Whither from here?
Is there a sign?
To point me to the path thatís mine?
Or must I wait for Godís embrace
To know my fate, to find my place?

In Praise of Pain

Thank God for my shadowy moments of pain
which brought me, stronger, to face this day.
If my sun had not been obscured by rain,
might I not have walked another way?

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